Hell Fire: Navatek’s First Bike Build Venture


Roger Navat, known as the guy behind Navatek was one of the first upholstery seat makers that ventured in to the custom bike scene since 2012. Roger was so passionate about custom bikes that’s why last year, he tried venturing in to bike builds and joined his first custom bike show and won several awards.

Here’s HELL FIRE, Navatek’s backyard build XR 200.


Rog is known in the Custom Motorcycle industry as one of the finest seat maker started since 2012 in the underbones until now in Custom bikes. After almost 2 years of woking at Wild Customs as apprentice together with his friend Anton Lau they develop their skills and knowledge on metal shaping and fabrication including welding skills.


From there Rog started to build his own workshop in his garage in Las Pinas and established his brand Navatek Custom Motorcycles. This bike captured the eyes of the judges and won the Bike of the Night award in Monkey Throttle Custom Bike Show that was held in Cainta on the Anniversary celebration of Garage Monkey Customs.


Honda XR200 is known as one of the toughest standard motorcycle here in the Philippines and now with the mix of a talent and skills can bring this bike a new look and a new life.

Learn more about Navatek, visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/rognavat/