Cub Week: A Tribute to the Honda Super Cub Custom Builds (PH)


Cafe Racer Ph gives tribute to the most produced motor vehicle in history, the toughest motor vehicle that gained its popularity towards mopeds and lightweight motorcycles. An attribute so simple, where Grey Advertising gave birth to an idea of relating the vehicle to attract new riders way back 1963 in the U.S..

The “Honda Super Cub” lives up to its name of being invincible in reference to how it was credited as a lifestyle vehicle, underwent ‘destruction‘ tests, all the while, owners are referred to be the nicest people you can get to know. This simple motorcycle really made a lot of people very happy. It was given a standard of meeting minimal demands of maintenance, durability, gas consumption and over-all total reliability.


Super, Super Cubs

At the moment, we present to you “Cub Week” where we highlight the latest custom developments of the standard Super Cub modification presented by our local motorcycle builders. Here we shall see works that stretched the limits of Cub modification, while the builders share their moments and inspirations upon bike-building.





Stay tuned.