Cafe Racer Philippines’ Best Featured Custom Bikes, Events and Moments of 2018


2018 carved a milestone for us here at Cafe Racer Philippines. We’ve witnessed the propagation of Custom Culture in the Philippines as well as the growth of the custom bike community in Asia. Here’s a rundown of our monthly custom bike features as well as the moments and events that laid a solid foundation for the custom bike community in 2018.

Starting of with this ground-breaking build from our friends at Iron Macchina.This GS was brought to Iron Macchina by Mr. Gren Guadamor a member of BOSS Motorcycle Club. He intended to make his GS a stand out, a bike that will be different from other GS. He wanted his bike to sit a bit lower for his comfort. “While doing the planning, I had a good vision on what the bike can look like if we modify some of its other parts as well. So I called him up and gave him a few ideas on what i want the bike to look like and yes, he agreed,” said Symon, Iron Macchina’s founder.

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Next stop, Pantera by Revolt Cycles. Like all their builds, Revolt Cycles treated the Duke as if it was their own personal bike. They took the time to study how they can change the look to a more classic style and by stripping the bike, it gave them a more understanding about its frame, geometry and style. The owner’s wish was simply to make it to a tracker style and quoted all “BLACK.”

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This one is gold. From rat to brat indeed. Meet the Yamaha XS250 that captured our heart and turned in to an elegant Brat Cafe. it was inspired by Louise Branzuela’s love and passion for motorcycles.

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The Yamaha SR 400 was re-launched. The iconic Yamaha SR 400 was reborn and was launched last March 14, 2018 in the Philippines at Yamaha Y-Zone, Pasig City. The Yamaha SR400 is a legendary classic that depicts a heritage Japanese motorcycle icon since 1978.

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It was really a party! Keep It Dirty 2018 was one for the books! Excited for Keep it Dirty 2019? Take a glimpse of what happened during the third year of this iconic dirt race event.

After noticing that majority of the events in the motorcycle firmament were mounted in a motor show-type of setting, Café Philippines’ Managing Director Michael Eijansantos decided that organizing an opportunity for motorbike buffs to hop on their favorite machines in its natural element is the way to go, but minus the intimidating risks inherent to professional motorbike races. This vision was strongly supported by the MX Messiah Fairgrounds director Sam Tamayo, even advocating the importance of instilling safe-riding principles and practices to young riders via the event.

Watch out for Keep It Dirty 2019. As usual always in the month of April. Stay updated by following Keep it Dirty’s Instagram page, @KeepItDirtyEvents.

It’s Moto Builds Pilipinas guys! Check out what happened during this annual gathering of custom culture tradition.

We expect more greater things to happen this year for Moto Builds Pilipinas. We can’t wait for this gathering.

Now, we’re heading to Siargao Island, a bustling island culture infused with custom bike delicacies. We had a chat with the owner of Loosekeys Moto Culture, a thriving custom bike rentals in the heart of General Luna, Siargao Island.

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MC Customs raised the bar when it comes to quality build. Check out some of their collection that we have featured.

Okay, back to motorcycle features. In 2018, a custom bike garage based in Italy emailed us their masterpiece, Moto Guzzi V9.

This V9 Gannet Moto Guzzi is a pure racer with tight stance and proportions. It is a radical transformation from a relaxed cruiser configuration of the Moto Guzzi V9 “Roamer” donor bike, which got designed into a pure racer, reduced to the essentials with some retro elements and spiced up with the finest herbs of racing parts.

Read more about this Moto Guzzi V9 Racer here.

Luke Landrigan’s XR200 Tracker version two is a pure bliss. Thanks to our good friend Jerry Formoso, this XR200 got a fresh new look, perfect for the bustling surf town vibe in La Union.

 Read more about this elegant XR200 here.

One of the most sought after and dominant entry level dirt bikes in the Philippines the XTZ by Yamaha, a 125cc dirt machine capable of traversing off road terrain and river crossings with ease and also a day to day stand out traffic buster whenever you’re roaming the metro.

Well it seems that this XTZ tracker build by APE Customs is one of the slickest tracker build that we’ve seen so far using the Yamaha XTZ 125 as the base bike model.

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Lastly, meet Wolfy, the SYM Wolf 125 turned into an elegant Brat Cafe by Kila Adame.

That is how Kila described his bike Wolfy (named after the base bike of the motor – SYM WOLF 125). “In building such kind, it took me more than one month and two weeks just to finished it. I consulted the builder of my bike for their opinions about creating a durable yet classic bike. And thus, I purposely changed the tank into bigger one. I also changed the rear chasis section, putting in dual shock absorber, a 428 chain, a modified t-post and swing arm. I also used cafe racer projector headlights, flexible led taillights, classic diamond handgrip, folded classic side mirror, custom rear chasis, custom seat and custom gauges.”

Read more about Wolfy, click here.

There you have it folks! 2018 was one for the books and we’re excited to feature more unique backyard and garage builds this 2019. As always, keep us posted on your bike projects by sending us a direct message on our Facebook Page and Instagram account.