Cafe Racer Philippines: Best Custom Motorcycles of 2015


It’s been a great year for Philippine Custom Motorcycle Builders and Riders.

If we take a step back and look at the custom scene, it has been overwhelming. Backyard builders spurt out from everywhere to all parts of the country to share and showcase the oozing talent, unmatched passion, skillfulness and crazy resourcefulness from everyone who shared us their so called “obra”.

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Next year should be bigger, no doubt about it.



Best Custom Motorcycles of 2015




If you ask us here, really, there is no particular order whatsoever.

Custom bikes are build according to each and everyone’s taste, particular to personality, choice of ride, functionality, personal preferences, creativity, originality, and the list goes on. There is beauty in individuality. The course of making a custom bike really is having to make it look and feel a little ‘different’.

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We all know these ain’t all of it. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. As Zach Lucero usually tell everyone, “..ilabas na ang matitindi..”


So here it goes.




Suzuki TU 250 Volty by 3B Customs Surigao City




“Well to start off, this bike was from a previous build, I think this was my 4th built bike. The base bike is a 2001 Suzuki TU 250 Volty which I got from a friend here in Surigao. During the build I was torn between turning it to a café racer or a brat. But eventually while browsing the net I got my inspiration I opted for a 3rd option I was going to turn it into a Japanese style soft tailed bobber.”

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Honda Wave 125: Classic Conversion By Fart Monkeez Garage





“Kung iisipin nga pare e, pwede naman lahat, lagyan lang ng imagination. Hehehe. Rakenrol yun pare!…”

“Ayaw nya bitawan kasi may sentimental value sa kanya. Dinala nya sa akin at sinabihan na ako na daw bahala kung anong gawin ko sa motor nya…”

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Kawasaki Bajaj CT100 by Tokwa Party Garage




“A friend of mine (Mark Mabanag) who really loves surfing came to me and gave his trust to turn his CT100 to a Street Tracker. This bike, I can say is the product of what me and my friends learned along the way, a bike that I can be proud of..”

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3B Customs Monster Cub Chopper from Surigao



“About the design well I had some inspiration from the net, I wanted to do something radical, something I haven’t seen in the local scene; something with a springer front suspension, a suicide shifter and a hard tail on a cub. With the criteria in mind I scoured the net for ideas, and there something that had fitted my criteria, a “chopper cub”.  I think this is the third time that I know off that this specific cub design was done, each one a bit different from the last. Well this is my take on that chopper cub design…

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Custom Suzuki X4 by Carlo Agno




“..My initial plan was supposed to be a Yamaha RS100 because I liked the tank more, but we could not find a good one with a good engine. So we changed to an X4…”

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Honda CBR150 Street Tracker by Roger Navat




“…Some of my friends tell me ‘..sana mayaman din ako para magkaron ng ganyan.’ Sabi ko naman, hindi naman kailangan ng yaman para magka-meron nyan. You just have to maximize on the things you have. It’s not the money, but creativity and imagination. All builders know that. If you don’t have it and if you’re afraid of taking risks, wala kang magagawa. Hindi mo malalaman kung hindi mo susubukan…

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70’s Yamaha YL2 By 3B Customs Surigao City





“..We also did some extra structural fabrication on the frame as some of the parts have already been corroded especially on the middle part, housing the battery. We also converted it from 6 volts to 12 volts. We changed the front suspension springs to more plush ones, as the bike’s suspension had stiff springs, again it was once a tricycle.”

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Motorstar Explorer Z200 Scrambler by Dinno Bejar





“..With Iloilo not being the most conducive place when it comes to availability of “Preferred” donor bikes, making do with what you have is the rationale behind this Motorstar Explorer Z200 build…”

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Revolt Cycles’ Honda XL125




“Loosed all the plastics. We used a smaller headlight with brackets, smaller blinkers, extended rear loop to an inch and 1/2, custom seatpan and a classic style rib stitch upholstery, customed metal front and rear fenders. The bike came in with those 18’s as well.”

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Yamaha TDM850 Ratbike by Budoy Marabiles




“..this bike is TDM850…road version of Yamaha’s Tenere750 popular with adventure races like Paris-Dakar rally. Tinanggal ko yung fairings (now 12kilo lighter from the original). Yung front fairing aluminum na…headlights are halogen lights for cars…”

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Mad props to the point persons who took the lead on spreading the passion and culture to each and every motor-heads. The pioneering moto-groups and garages who took time, effort, resources and travel time to take part of events and gatherings, all for good company, bike-talks and trade of local goodies. It definitely is one hell of a year for everyone. 


Happy New Year! Time to burn some pipes and rubbers!


Like the Bike? Now is the time to make one.