Bike Feature: Cub Bobber by Conrado Matuguina Sr. from Sorsogon City, Bicol


There was this story of a young man asking his dad why people love riding motorcycles. His father replied that, they we’re crazy individuals. They love the freedom to ride, the air in their faces, the brotherhood imbued in them, the camaraderie and the unseen bond by strangers with motorcycles that just happens to manifold. Then the young man replied, that he wanted a motorcycle.

Young people nowadays are already hooked into the age of new and high technology. What’s more fascinating is that some young kids know better compared to their parents when it comes to troubleshooting gadgets, etc. Some parents even ask their children to make them their own personal social media account.


Custom motorcycle building can be a form of family recreation, too.


It may be some sort of bridging gaps. These things are completely relative.

If we are going to talk about recreation that relate families, especially on motorcycles, Anghel ng Lansangan M.C. is one family this country can be boastful of. A rich family tradition of custom bike building hailing all the way up from Meycauayan, Bulacan.


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My Father’s Cub Bobber


“..I’m very proud of my father’s creation..sharing this to also inspire others to build..”

This is a sentiment of a person who admire his father’s creation. Radz Matuguina shares us his father’s custom Cub Bobber, from a donated rusty, non-running Honda Cub C70, that took 5 years in the making, yet definitely all worth the wait.


“..I just want to share my father’s creation. Its a Honda c70 1970’s model. It was given to him by a friend.  Its not running and completely rusted..”




“..He used to restore bikes like Honda cb350, 360, 400 and 450 when i was still in elementary (I’m already 33 now) but then he stopped because he was busy with his self assembled wrangler jeep..”




“..Back in 2008 my eldest brother (Dave Conrad) and my father decided to build a bike after watching the hit series American Choppers..”





“..My father’s  friend Henry gave my father a rusty old Honda C70 but not running. My father and my brother started working with the bike..”





“..After a few months my older brother flew to Canada for work. After that, only my father worked on the bike. We don’t have money for the project bike so my father did what we can with what money he has..





“..He sent me parts of the bike to be chromed in Cebu. It took him almost 5 long years to finish the bike…





“..But the when it was finished it was a hit. Everywhere my father goes, people always gather just to see the bike…”




Model: Honda C70
Engine: 72cc OHC single cylinder (connecting rod from C90)
Displacement: 72cc
Transmission: 3 speed automatic clutch
Suspension: Front: springer / Rear: soft-tail mechanical spring(from workout spring bar)
Brake: front/rear disc brake
Final Drive: belt (timing belt 4D56 engine)
Rear Wheel: reserve tire/rim of Honda EK converted and attached to Yamaha Chappy hub.





“..Ps. The women driving the bike is my mother..”






“..I hope this will inspire more bike builders here in our country…”



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