Bike Feature: BMW Motorrad R NineT Custom by Zach Lucero



The BMW R NineT

The pure lifestyle motorcycle, known as the best riding companion, boasts of its passion, design and riding pleasure. BMW gives through its overview how the company has developed the perfect machine. Geared with an authentic casual look, with numerous ways into customizing.

If you just can’t decide on how to finish your custom bike, and want it to look great even if you’re stuck in the middle of bike building process, then, this bike is for you my friend.


Zach Lucero is known to be very passionate with the things that he is doing. A shaper in the music industry (drummer/guitarist of Imago), also a catalyst in unifying custom motorcycle builders, groups and riders in all different places. Mad props to Moto Builds Pilipinas. Really talented and passionate guy. *Sips.


Four Looks in Two Years

After a few months of hunting down, and getting a chance to get conversations with the busy man himself, Mr. Zach Lucero, we finally had our chance to look into one, yes, one of his custom rides, the BWM Motorrad R NineT. 

Chances are, there could still be changes with the motorcycle, but as of now, definitely been the best from all the transformations so far. If you have been witnessing the development of the bike, then it’s hard not to appreciate.


“…future plans..dunno yet.. (laughs)..”




“..I’m doing 4 looks for the R Nine T in two years for BMW Autohaus Libis. I’m on my 2nd..”


“Well I’m playing with color now…changing things around…”




“The pipe I turned to my fave exhaust maker Mang Gimo of Prop Pipe. I had it snaked upwards…”







“..I’ve been playing with color, went for battle ship gray this time..”

“..had it wrapped and I painted over it with some matte top coat to lose the plasticky look of foil…”






“..Some other parts like the headlight guard/bracket, seat cowl, flyscreen, I got from a builder in Taiwan (Dakar Design)…”




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