Adventure Series: The Royal Enfield Himalayan


It’s quite unusual that there’s a sudden surge of interest in the offroad motorcycle scene particularly ADV. Yup, adventure. It’s innate to us men to have that particular urge to go out and explore the unknown and it is  much better when you ride offroad with your best mate on your touring/ adventure bikes.


We were given the opportunity to test ride one of the most underestimated yet admirable mid-range adventure bikes from Royal Enfield, the Himalayan. Thanks to its owner, OZRacing lifestyle founder, Mr. Zandro Fajardo.


The Himalayan is an adventure touring motorcycle with a single cylinder engine manufactured by Royal Enfield, premiering in February 2015 and launched early in 2016. For me, it was love at first sight when Royal Enfield unveiled this bike three years ago.

RE 5

I was captivated by its low-key integrity and slick badass raw design. Not much of plastic or fiberglass on it, the Himalayan is pure metal. With that classic round headlight and a high clearance, this bike is perfect for day to day commute and weekend back road speed trip. It boasts outstanding versatility and comfort for all kind of rides.

RE 3

Equipped with the latest OZRacing adventure gears, together with Mr. Zandro Fajardo riding his Yamaha Tenere, we ventured out to the old and forgotten mountain twisties of Bongabon en-route to the surf town of Baler, Aurora.

The long stroke LS410 Single cylinder engine was surprisingly perfect for the Himalayan. first gear was slow, but the second gear would take a punch. A strong low end torque to clear obstacles. Wide useable power to suit all riding conditions. At first, I was hesitant with the Himalayan’s full potential but then eventually, I was able to find that sweet spot.

Built for no roads?

The Royal Enfield was a fun bike not being biased about it. The Himalayan can take on the harshest road conditions and weather. Just be confident enough to twist the throttle and just glide over those water filled pot holes, muddy and gravel pavement and just ride it like a stallion.


I suggest that when you get your own Royal Enfield Himalayan, you change to a more reliable tires. The stock tires were kind of slippery mostly while traversing the wet concrete roads. There are a lot of aftermarket tires out there, be sure to have the best AT tires for your steed. I also don’t suggest that you go on a hardcore trail using the stock Himalayan. Tire upgrades is a must if you want to ride on a muddy hard trails. If you really want to push your limit, be prepared to tackle the harsh offroads by practicing or enrolling to offroad schools like the Mel Aquino Offroad Riding Training Camp in Antipolo. But for fire roads or unpaved roads, this bike will just glide like butter on your pancake.

RE 2

Enjoy the Twisties

And here’s the biggest question of all, can you do banking turns with the Himalayan on twisties? Absolutely, with confidence and right skills, you can enjoy the hairpin turns with this sled. Just remember that this bike was built to ride every kind of terrain and it’s not a sport bike. With my experience, upon leaning towards the hairpin, the center stand hits the pavement. You really can’t help it, so I just reminded myself to be careful and just enjoy the sceneries. Remember, if you’re way to focused on those hairpins, you will miss the awesome views around you.

RE 1

Expressway Legal

Yup, the Royal Enfield Himalayan can take on that side sweeping wind while riding on the expressway with a speed reaching to 120 kph. With 410cc under its belt, it can still reach up to 130-140 kph depending on your capabilities and if you’re in a hurry. I admit that I’m not a speed freak so I suggest that with this bike, you just enjoy the freedom to ride in the expressway.


A grounded stance, terrain tested suspension, dual purpose tires combined with agile handling means the Himalayan can handle any road conditions. For me, this is my perfect adventure bike based on my budget with a SRP of PHP 272,000 for the Himalayan Street Version and PHP 299,000 for the Himalayan Touring Version. If you want a test drive, just contact your local Royal Enfield Motorcycle dealers near you. I suggest that you contact these two gentlemen, Raemin Reyes or Spike Maguigad.  

RE 4

But if you’re in to fast, heavy ADV Bikes, well, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is not for you. 🙂

We created an adventure series in collaboration with OZRacing Lifestyle so if you have time, you might want to check it out.

So where do you want us to go on our next adventure trip? Just send us a comment below on your suggestions and we will make sure to make it happen.

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