A Dream Ride that was Fulfilled, Conquering the Highest Roads in the Himalayas


We still can’t comprehend the magnitude of what went down during our trip to the Himalayas.

That memorable experience had a great impact to ourselves riding the highest roads in the world, stories of our struggles to acclimatize, meeting new friends and seeing this side of the world differently.

18,380 ft above sea level. Khardung La with my Michael Eijansantos, Jake Verzosa and Zandro Fajardo
18,380 ft above sea level. Khardung La with my Michael Eijansantos, Jake Verzosa and Zandro Fajardo

So if you are planning to ride to the highest motorable roads in the future, I mean the roads leading to Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Fatula top and of course Changla and Khardung La, you need to seriously prepare your self for this once in a lifetime adventure ride.

snow ride

Here are the five things I learned before and after the ride.

  1. The road that we’re riding into is just a speck of dust in the world out there.

I mean, there’s more to riding MARILAQUE or SAGADA. Try to think big and try to set a long term goal ride for your self. Aside from that, you will learn tons of things about life that we live in. Burst that bubble and learn to appreciate life. It’s not always about the speed, trust me.


Travel and find time to make your dreams come true. If not now when? When you’re old enough not to survive a two-thirds of Oxygen level 10,000 ft above sea level? Or set a goal, stop smoking and save up for the best ride of your life.

2. There’s more to life than living everyday stressed out because of daily traffic jams in the metro.

Seriously, yes we still live in a bubble when we are in the metro, try to explore the countryside and you will see the difference and appreciate those who live in the province. Traffic is not a source of stress for the people who lives in the province. The same thing I learned in the Himalayas, Life there has a big difference where we live in. Food is different and most important, internet is slow or no connection at all.

Take time to have long rides, it’s a good way to disconnect from a stressful environment like Metro Manila.

3. Roads are not always paved so learn to ride offroad.

When we were out there in the mountains of the Himalayas, we were riding together with a group from a middle eastern nation and it’s their first time to ride in a badly beaten road or no roads at all. In their country, they have the smoothest asphalt paved road in the world. Now after our ride, they consider riding more offroads, and yes they considered to buy dirt bikes and the Royal Enfield Himalayan. The traction-less environment like fire roads and back roads will definitely help you become a good rider, you should learn from the best in the industry like Mel Aquino’s Offroad Training Camp in Antipolo. Trust me it works.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 1.42.30 AM

Just like our everyday lives, it’s not always a smooth ride after all so learn to tackle bumpy roads along the way.

4. Just dream and work for it.

Sometimes we tend to be okay with what we have in the present. We are not motivated enough to take on the challenges that go with it. Sadly, we are just contented with what we already have not knowing that we could attain our dreams if we really work hard for it or if you could create something out of nothing and present it to someone who has the same passion as yours. That’s one in a million though, but frankly, just be a risk-taker. If you fall, get back up and go back to the drawing board and start all over again. If you hit the jackpot, maintain your status, be humble and be open to help out others in achieving their dreams without asking for anything in return.

5. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is in the masterplan of God for your life.

Our goal was to have a humbling experience out there in the snowy peak of the Himalayas and to document this once in a lifetime ride. So we decided to come up with a book, a tangible testament of this monumental experience of our lives riding the Royal Enfield Himalayan and the Bullet 500. More details about this project soon, just wait for our announcement on our social media networks.

In my opinion, God put everything into place. He is the source of our success and achievements. But you really need to work hard for it. Don’t stop dreaming, work hard, keep your self healthy and believe that someday you will be able to ride and reach the highest motorable roads in the world.

This trip is not be possible without the support of these following sponsors.

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Thank you guys! Juley!